The Great Story of Me Landon

My name is Landon Ray Brewer. I am freshman here at N.C State University. My major that I chose is that of an Engineering Major, specifically a Civil Engineer. I chose Civil Engineering because it works with the design part of building things. I am a very detailed oriented person when it comes to building so this is why I chose it.
My favorite hobby would have to be working out. Whether it be actually lifting weights or some form of cardio or even yoga at times, I love working out. It is a great stress reliever for me and also lets me reflect on the day as a whole and my life. It also is great for me because I am a iron addict and I love going to the gym no matter what. Working out just works for me and I don't know where I would be today without working out.
Favorite Paper
  1. make the dough
  2. spread the sauce over the flattened dough
  3. lay down every meat available onto the pizze
  4. sprinkle cheese over the meat
  5. stick pizza into the oven
  6. take out the pizza when done

Classes Expected Grade
MA 107 A
ARE 201 A
CH 111 A
ENG 101 A
E 115 A
USC 101 A

Favorite Hobby