Welcome Everyone!

Hello, I am a sophmore and my major is Computer/Electrical Engineering. I decided to major in this because of my interest in technology and hardware.I find computers very interesting and believe that through innovation in the field of computing, society can greatly benefit. Although I'll admit im not computer whiz, im definitely intrigued and eager to learn how computers work on both a hardware and software level. I look forward to learning about all the intricacies regarding computer hardware.

My favorite hobby would probably be playing music. I play both guitar and piano, although I did not bring a keyboard to college(unfortunately). I enjoy learning new song and occasionally writing my own music. It's definitely very fun and relaxing for me, it serves as a nice break from studying or worrying about school work. I wish I knew more musicians on campus though, playing by yourself is not as entertaining as collaborating with other musicians. I do aspire to learn the saxophone at some point in my life, that should be fairly interesting.


Gatsby Paper

  1. Heat a fry pan
  2. Put some butter on it
  3. Let butter melt(due to heat)
  4. Fry some bread, to golden, toast-like perfection.
  5. Place amazing toasted bread on plate
  6. Fry egg, some ham, and melt some cheese on both.
  7. Combine it all into an amazing breakfast sandwich
Class Projected Grade
E115 Satisfactory
ENG101 A
Modern History A