Welcome to the story of my Freshman Year at NCSU

My name is Lindsay Kelly and I am a freshman in engineering at NCSU. As a freshman, I am apart of the first year engineering program, meaning I cannot yet declare the type of engineering I would like to do. I came into college with the plan to do Biomedical Engineering, but after taking some classes, I have started considering a whole new route or Civil Engineering, as it is more calculus based and Calculus is my all time favorite subject.

Originally my dream job was to one day work with designing and marketing prosthetic limbs. I thought that this would be a very interesting job that I would greatly enjoy. Now that I am considering a different engineering path, however, I am researching the job possibilities that come with a degree in Civil Engineering!

Picture of Me

Favorite Classes at NCSU

  1. MA 241
  2. E 101
  3. E 102
  4. MA 242
Name of Club Link to Website
Society of Women Engineers Click Here
Engineers without Borders Click Here