Hi, I'm Lexi Kloeppel!

My name is Lexi Kloeppel, and I'm a freshman. I'm majoring in Chemical Engineering, and this major is something that I've been drawn to for most of my life. My mom is a chemistry professor, so I've always been interested in chemistry, and in middle school I even competed in national chemistry competitions. However, I also really love math and problem solving, so chemical engineering seemed like a better fit than just chemistry. I am also passionate about chemical engineering because I provides me with the opportunity to create and improve tangible processes that could benefit society, rather than just work in theory. Overall, I am just really passionate about my major and can't wait to learn more about it.

Soccer has always been my favorite activity. I've played soccer since I was four years old, and I've never looked back. I typically play center fullback, a defensive position, but I've also occasionally played midfield. When I was captain of my high school soccer team my senior year, our team went farther in playoffs than it ever had before, finishing in the top four teams in the state. Coming to college, I've missed soccer a lot, so I've joined a recreational intramural team, which is somewhat too non-competitive for my taste. Next semester, I plan on continuing to play soccer by joining a competitive intramural indoor soccer team, about which I am really excited.

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  1. Call/Vist Website for Papa John's Pizza
  2. Select Large Pizza
  3. Add Bacon
  4. Add Pepperoni
  5. Add Sausage
  6. Add Banana Peppers
Course Expected Grade
E 115 S
CH 101 A+
MA 241 A