Hello and Welcome!

My name is Luca Leslie, I'm currently a sophomore, and I'm planning to major in mechanical engineering. Since before I could remember, I've always been passionate about sea life. My initial plan was to further my knowledge of the ocean here at UNC-Wilmington, but with each semester that passed I came closer to the realization of the average marine biologist's level of education and job outlook after college. While I still have an interest in the sea, I am also a gifted drawer. I ended up taking four years of drafting in high school and it got me thinking about being an architect, so I had to choose between something I was good at and something that I loved. Naturally, I defaulted to that which I loved, but after a semester of oceanography and chemistry, I realized the mystery of the ocean was what liked about it. I also came to understand that my knowledge of everything about the sea isn't everything and that engineering can play a pretty important role in gathering ocean research.

My favorite hobby would have to be a tie between fishing offshore here in NC or trout fishing in Utah and hockey. My father was born and raised in New England and his hobbies were cold weather activities: salmon and trout fishing and ice hockey. They naturally rubbed off on me and I honestly don't know if I could trade one for the other. I'm sure as I get older I'll lean more towards fishing, but for the time being they're neck and neck.

My Resume

    Pasta Shells (1 lb.) with Ricotta Cheese (2 lbs.)
  1. Add a small amount of salt to a pot of water and bring it to a boil
  2. Add pasta, reduce heat, and stir occasionally
  3. Once al dente, strain pasta while collecting some water to mix the cheese
  4. Add ricotta to pot and add just enough of the previously collected water to smooth out cheese
  5. Add pepper and chopped parsley, stir
  6. Add pasta back and stir until cheese becomes thick again (or desired consistency)

My Classes
Class Projected Grade
Environmental Economics A
Intro to Ethics B
Multivariate Calculus B