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Hey there, my name is Leyla Muse! I'm in a bit of a different situation: I came into NC State with almost 80 credit hours, yet I am seen as a freshman. With the amount of credits I have I am technically a junior, but I am taking about sophomore level classes. I am pursuing a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and plan on getting my Master's in Business Administration. I chose to dual major since at NC State with these two specific majors there was only a difference of about three classes. I believe I will really enjoy Computer and Electrical Engineering, even if I do not have a lot of experience in the area yet.

One of my past jobs was as an assistant to a Real Estate Agent. I did various tasks for her that I now find very valuable. I was in charge of listing, transaction and closing of houses, marketing, and various administrative tasks. Although many people think that office jobs are terrible and boring I really enjoyed working in the office environment and could see myself doing the same thing in the future.

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Classes I am taking

  1. Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists
  2. Academic and Professional Preparations for Engineering I
  3. Introduction to Computer Systems
  4. Introduction to Probability and Distribution Theory

Clubs I am a part of Link
SG Service and Philanthropy More Information Here!
Society of Women Engineers More Information Here!