E-115 Homework 6

My name is Luis Sanchez. I am currently a senior majoring in Computer Science. I learned how to program in third grade on an Apple II computer and have been fascinated by computing theory ever since.

I enjoy building and programming robots. Robot parts are expensive though, so I mainly just program micro-controllers to do silly things in my spare time.

Ars Technica Check out my résumé
  1. Go to Jersey Mike's.
  2. Let it be known that you wish to order a hot sandwich.
  3. Order a #17, regular, on wheat bread.
  4. Choose a bag of chips.
  5. Pay for your sandwich combo and get your drink cup.
  6. Use the soda fountain machine to fill your drink cup.
  7. Sit down and wait for your sandwich to be delivered.
Class Expected Grade
E 115 S
CSC 401 A
CSC 499 A