Logan Boyles's Resume

Logan Boyles

I currently attend NC State University. My major is Aerospace Engineering. I plan to graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in May 2020.

My goal for a career is to research new methods of propelling spacecraft through space. Naturally, this would lead me to the field of Aerospace Engineering. If I am accepted into my first choice CODA selection, Aerospace Engineering, I will pursue this degree to some graduate level; either a master’s to be well certified or a doctorate to be qualified to lead a research team. With an education in Aerospace Engineering, I would work specifically on the application aspects of this research.

Class Course Title Semester
MAE 252 Aerodynamics 1 2018 Spring
MAE 467 Introduction to Space Flight 2018 Spring
PY 341 Relativity 2018 Spring
MAE 457 Flight Stability and Control 2019 Spring
MAE 458 Propulsion 2019 Fall