All About Lauren

Hi! My name is Lauren Hamrick. I am a sophomore intending to major in textile engineering. I decided to major in textile engineering after talking with my advisor. After I was denied entry into the College of Engineering I began to feel a little discouraged and I considered majoring in something outside of engineering. He encouraged me not to give up and to look into some other options making the suggestion to look into textiles. After doing a little research and and talking to a friend about the College of Textiles I made the decision to pick major.

Although I have a long list of things I like to do in my free time my favorite thing to do is to sketch and paint. I've enjoyed drawing since I was little. I can still remember the days as a child when I would get in trouble for taking printer paper and creating countless art projects at home. My mother and father recognized my talent and enrolled me in art classes. I recently found a new interest in canvas painting and I spend some of my weekends making canvases for my room and for others. I want to try sculpting. It would be fun to try and possibly become a new hobby.

Let's Go Shopping!!

How to Make My Favorite Sandwich!

  1. Obtain two slices of bread and spread the desired amount of mustard on each.
  2. Place about three slices of ham on each slice of bread.
  3. Break desired amount of lettuce from the head and place on one slice of bread.
  4. Apply desired amount of Italian salad dressing to the lettuce. Put each side of the sandwich together.
  5. Enjoy!

Class Expected Grade
T 101 A+
GC 120 A
MA 141 B+