Welcome to my IA 5 Webpage!

My name is Lonnie Hastings, and I am a freshman at NC State University. I am in the First-Year-Engineering program, with an intent to major in Mechanical Engineering. I chose mechanical, because it has always fascinated me. I love building things, and finding out how things work. I hope to become a leader in my field, performing important research to better the world.

My dream job is to design and build my own ideas, or ideas thought impossible. I want to build things that no one thought they would ever see in real life. I hope to create things in a warehouse of my own, with a team of colleagues by my side.

A professional picture of Lonnie

My Favourite Classes:

  1. General Chemistry Lab
  2. Introduction to Computing Environments
  3. Calculus 1
  4. Music Theory

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Sailing Club Website
Underwater Robotics Club Website