Hello, this little page is about my school stuff and my favorite hobby.

Hi, my name is Larry Mejia. I attend NC State and I plan to major in Electrical Engineering. I am a freshman about to finish his first year in college. I chose electrical engineering because it seems interesting, there are potential jobs and they make good money. And because I enjoy math, engineering has lots to do with math so I thought, why not? The positives outway the negatives.

My favorite hobby is watching movies. I love to analyze film and learn about every aspect of what goes on in film. I enjoy learning about aspect ratios, who's writing the films and who's directing. Watching movies to me is amazing, I become immersed into a small universe that is displayed right in front of me for about seven dollars. I enjoy watching any movie, but I am most hesitant about watching scary movies. My favorite movie is The Godfather. A magnificent film with a great director, cast and cinematographer with an enveloping story that is so complex yet directed easily that anyone can appreciate the film.

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  1. Pick up phone
  2. Dail Pizza Hut
  3. Order Peperoni Pizza
  4. Receive Delivery
  5. Devour

Calculus II ECE 109 E115
A B+ S