My name is Lucas Speaker. I am a freshman at N.C. State University. I am an engineering major (electrical intent) because I have always been fascinated by the way things work and how components of machines function together. Also, my best classes have always been in math and science. When I graduate, I hope to get a job in the RTP area.

My favorite type of animal is the cat. Cats are fun to play with, but do not require as much attention as dogs. Also, you don't have to take the cat outside to poop. When I get my own place, I hope to get a Maine Coon cat, since they're huge and fluffy and just all-around awesome. You can play fetch with them, as well as take them on walks.

My Favorite Website:

Netflix Logo saved to www

My second favorite website is Reddit

How to Make a Pizza:

  1. Buy a Tombstone frozen pizza from your local grocery store.
  2. Take the plastic wrapper off of the frozen pizza when you get home.
  3. Preheat oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit.
  4. Once the oven has heated up, put the pizza in the oven.
  5. Set the timer for 16 minutes.
  6. When the timer goes off, remove the pizza from the oven and allow 5 minutes to cool.
  7. Enjoy your pizza.

Expected Grades this Semester:

E115 Calculus 241 Physics 205 WGS 210 Scholars Forum Weight Training ECE 109

Fancypants Cat

Fancypants Cat saved to www