Welcome to my website!

My name is Liam Anderson. I am currently a freshman in mechanical engineering. I want to become a mechanical engineer because I have always liked to figure out how things work and solving problems. I also like math and science, which I will be learning about in my classes. I'm very excited to become an engineer!

My favorite hobby is backpacking. I first started backpacking while in the boy scouts and have always loved doing it. One reason I love backpacking is the feeling you get by carrying all the things you need on your back. I also love all the cool places that you get to visit while on trips. I have seen some beautiful places while backpacking in the Great Smokey Mountains as well as seeing some cool wildlife like bears and deer.

REI resume

How to make the perfect sandwich.

  1. get out a slice of bread.
  2. cover the slice with jelly.
  3. get another slice of bread out.
  4. cover that slice with peanut butter.
  5. put the two slices together to create a sandwich.
Class Expected Grade
E115 pass
PY205 B+
MA242 A