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Taylor's Homework5a Webpage My name is Taylor Forbis. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University and my intended major is Civil Engineering. As of now, I am in First Year Engineering because I have not applied for CODA. I chose Civil Engineering because I love designing and creating new things and I love math and science; the three come together perfectly with Civil Engineering.

My favorite hobby is spending time with friends. When I am not doing homework, in class, at work, or participating in extra activities, I spend time with my friends by watching movies, playing games, or going places together.

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How to make a sandwich:
  1. Collect sandwich ingredients: bread, turkey, cheese, and mustard.
  2. Place both pieces of bread on a plate and place turkey on top followed by cheese.
  3. Put mustard on top of cheese then place one piece of bread on top of the other.
  4. Eat your sandwich.

  5. Spending Time With a Friend
    Class Expected Grade
    MA 242 A-
    CHEM 101 B+
    E115 S