My name is Logan Hussey and I am a frshman at North Carolina State University. I am currently a mechanical engineering major intent. I chose this major because it is the broadest of all the engineering majors which is good for me because I honestly have no idea what I'd like to do for the rest of my life. I also knew that mechanical engineering can lead to a lot of opportunities to do humanitarian work. I plan to join Engineers Without Borders so I can go to less fortunate countries and use the skills I learn here at State to help others. Also, engineering seems to be the best choice when it comes to job stability, which is important to me because I plan to support a family one day.

My favorite break from school this year will be spring break. One of my best friends just purchased a 1974 school bus that has a rebuilt engine and runs perfectly. It has four bunk beds and room for as many as thirteen to sleep. We are going to take it to the mountains to camp for the first half of the week and then head to the coast to camp out on the beach for the second half of the week. It should be an incredibly fun break spent with friends traveling and playing music.


How to order a pizza!

  1. Go to Papa John's website.
  2. Click "Place An Order Online"
  3. Fill out what toppings you want
  4. Type in your address
  5. Wait for your pizza to arrive

Class Expected Grade
Calculus II B
American History A
Micro Economics A-

Spring Break School Bus