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Hello! My name is Long Tuan Vu. I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University. My intended major is Chemical Engineering. I honestly do not know why I chose this major. The only reason I can think of is because my brother told me to do it. I do not think that it is the carrer for me. I am thinking of switching to electrical engineering.

My favorite hobbies are playing soccer, playing video games, playing the ukulele, and binge watching tv shows. I am currently playing intramural soccer at school. I like to play League of Legends. My favorite song to play on the ukulele is "A Thousand Miles" By Vanessa Carlton. I am currently watching Steven Universe.

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Check out my OrgSync Profile! Here is a link to my OrgSync. My Resume is in the Documents section.

How to Make a Pizza

  1. Get some dough
  2. Throw some tomato sauce on the dough
  3. Throw toppings on it
  4. Bake until you think it is ready
Course Name Expected Grade
Portuguese B
Social Dance Satisfactory
Engineering A
Favorite Hobby