Homework 6 Heading

Hello my name is Lane Willis. I am a freshman in Polymer and Color Chemistry in the College of Textiles. This major is an applied chemistry major through which I hope to become a pharmacist. I chose this major because my dad was in the College of Textiles, so family legacy, and also because it would get me to pharmaceutical school. NC State's Textile College is also number 1 in the world, and is very prestigious in itself.

My favorite hobby is playing cornhole. For those of you who don't know, cornhole is a tailgating game played with two wooden boards and eight bags. The bags used to have corn in the and thus were dubbed "cornhole" bags. The boards have a 6 inch diameter circle about three quarters of the way up the board. The object of the game is to get the cornhole bag into the hole in the board. If you get it in the hole it is worth three points, and if you land it on the board, it is worth one point. I own a set of NCSU cornhole boards and I love playing cornhole with those boards over any other boards.

FantasySports Résumé
  1. Gather bread, mustard, mayonnaise, ham, one slice of cheese and turkey from respective locations
  2. Take out two slices of bread
  3. Put mayonnaise on one slice and mustard on the other
  4. Put the slice of cheese on the slice of bread with the mayonnaise.
  5. Put three slices of ham on the bread with the mustard.
  6. Put three slices of turkey on the slice of bread with the cheese.
  7. Put the slice with the mustard and ham on top of the other slice of bread with the ham and turkey touching.

Class Grade Expected
PCC 106 A
CH 221 A
PY 205 A+
MA 241 A
CH 222 A+
PY 206 A+
E 115 S