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Hello, My name is Leif Eckstrand and I am a first year undergraduate student at THE North Carolina State University and I am intending to major in Biomedical Engineering. I chose to pursue this major because I have always been greatly interested in creating and designing things since I was a little kid. One thing I loved so much in high school was learning about the body, in fact, I used to copy drawings out of my Grey's Anatomy textbook just to get better at drawing the body. Another reason I chose this major is because of it's lack of maneuverability within the occupational perspective, I desire to be pigeon-holed in the occupation that I am driving toward because I know I can change the world!

I am currently employed at the high school from which I graduated less than a year ago. I work as a senior membor of the maintenance crew and I love my job. While the work may be considerably demanding on my body, I know that the technical knowledge that I gain from each task is invaluable to my future endeavors. Another thing that I enjoy about my job is that I get the opportunity to teach the new members and supervise them while they work on their tasks and aid them if needed.

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  1. Physics 205
  2. Calculus 141
  3. Honors 202
  4. Chemistry 201

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