Welcome to my E115 Homework 5a Webpage!

My name is Layne Vincent Lynam. Class of 2017, sophomore. I am a currently trying to switch majors into industrial engineering. I chose this major because it has a business side to which interest me. Also I want to have a job that can provide for all my wants and needs.

My favorite hobby would be riding. Whether it be a dirt bike or a street bike. I always have fun on motorcycles and its a great way to relieve stress. I recently purchased a honda cbr600. It has been really fun so far and is great on gas.

ESPN Homepage American Muscle
  1. Get out the bread
  2. spread on peanut butter
  3. spread on the jelly
  4. put the bread together
  5. ENJOY!
  6. Course Expected Grade
    PY 205 C
    MA 241 B
    ENG 115 S
    EC 205 B
    My First Street bike!