Logan is a Club baseball player at NCSU, but also an engineer, recreational volleyball player, and follower of christ!

My name is Logan Criss! I am a freshman, an academic sophomore, and am in the first year engineering program at NC State! I would like to do Aerospace Engineering but it will all depend on my grades at the end of this current semester. The reason that I like Aerospace so much is because of all the opportunities for expansion in the field and the fact that I find it to be such an interesting field!

My favorite hobby is volleyball. I agree that it's not much of a hobby, more like a sport, but I love anything sports related and since I don't play it for a team, I count it as a hobby. I have played in numerous tournaments for outdoor volleyball, because I am not that tall of a player so I most likely would not be able to get onto an indoor team. It is also a great opportunity to meet interesting people around my college! I enjoy meeting many of these people and developing relationships with them, even if some of them are not so nice.

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    How to create my signiature pizza

  1. Must be a large
  2. Must have cheese, but not just cheese
  3. Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms...Pretty much anything around that genre
  4. Stuffed crust optional but HIGHLY recommended
Class Grade expected
PY 205 B Minus
MA 241 B minus
GC 120 A minus
me playing volleyball