Leslie Woodley's Resume


My Educational Pathway

I am a Biomedical Engineer at North Carolina State University. I intend to focus in biomechanics. I am a sophmore this year and I intend to graduate in May of 2019.

Future Career

All of my siblings are engineers and I was greatly encouraged to be an engineer as well. So I looked into each of the engineering fields and found Biomedical Engineering the most interesting. The most interesting part of Biomedical Engineering is prosthetic limbs. I want to find a job that has to do with either creating or improving prosthetic limbs.


Relavent Classes

Class Course Title Semester
BME 201 Computer Methods in Biomedical Engineering Fall 2016
BME 204 Biomedical Measurements Fall 2016
BME 210 Biomedical Electronics Spring 2017
BME 203 Introduction to Materials Science of Biomaterials Spring 2017
BME 252 Biomedical Engineering Design and Manufacturing Spring 2017