Welcome to learn more about me!

A professional picture of me

My name is Luojia Zhu, but I go by Luna because my Chinese name is always mis-pronounced. I am a freshman from China, and I my current major is engineering first year. I want to pursue chemical or material science or chemical engineering as my major. I love engineering because I love the hands-on aspect and I also love the creativity involved in engineering. I wanted to choose those specific majors because I found chemistry very fascinating and I want to learn more about the practical uses of chemistry.

I have never had a job before. For now, my dream job is to be a professor in university. I want to continue my passion of STEM and promoting female in STEM areas after I graduate from college. Also, professor is a job that is being highly respected. So that's why I want to be a professor.

Interesting classes I have taken/want to take at NC State

  1. Religious Traditions around the world
  2. Intro to Community Food Security
  3. Women and Gender in Science and Technology
  4. Music Theory

Club I've joined/want to join website for the club
AOE sorority AOE at NC State
Chinese Students and Scholars Friendship Association (cssfa) cssfa at NC State