Welcome All!

Hello! My name is Meera Ali Alblooshi. I was considering majoring in Mechanical engineering. But after being at NCSU for a year, I think I will change my mind and major in Electrical Engineering. I know for sure that Electrical engineering is all about circuit and electrical physics. Electrical Physics appeals to me and I think I would like it more than mechanical engineering. Hopefully, I will CODA for Electrical engineering and I would be a great engineer!

My favorite hobby is reading. I love reading and it has been my hobby since forever. I usually read a lot of romantic novels, and self-improvement books. I think that reading is very important because it open your mind to new things. The recent book that I have been reading is about enhancing self-confidence in 50 different ways, which is fun and beneficial to read!

E115 Course website, I love
	this website because it helps me with my HW!
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    How to make my favorite sandwich:
  1. Get whole wheat bread and place it in the toaster to have that extra crunch!!
  2. Add two slices of organic and fresh turkey (bought from whole foods) and place it on one slice of bread
  3. Add your choice of cheese. My favorite is pepper jack!
  4. Put the second slice on bread and enjoy your fresh home-made mouth watering sandwich!!!
Classe name Expected grade
E115 S
MA241 A
EC205 A