Muayad Aljanobi

me teaching my friend how to cook

About My Major

I am a student at North Carolina State University, and My intended major is mechanical engineering, but I am considering Electrical Engineering as an option. My anticipated graduation date is the year of 2020

Why Mechanical Engineering

when I was in the eleventh grade, I had a chance to participate at the Physics Olympiad. Fortunately, I got to the National Physics Olympiad and got the eighth place. Since then, I enjoyed Physics and exceled at it. So, I choose mechanical engineering. I am considering Electrical Engineering for the same reason, but I enjoy the mechanics in Physics more than the electricity part. I am planning to pursue my graduate studies after I graduate from NC State.
Class Course title Semester
MA 141 Calculas 1 first
CH 101 Chemistry 1 first
PY 205 Physics for Engineering 1 Second
MA 241 Calculas 2 Second
CSC 113 Intro Comp MATLAB second