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Hello! My name is Michael Andrews an I am currently a sophmore at NCSU and am double-majoring in Computer And Electrical Engineering. I am 25 years old and have been slowly working my way through school over the past seven years. I chose to originally major in Computer Engineering because the field has always been a fascination to me and because I have an A+ Certification in Computer Repair. I'm now double Majoring because Electrical Engineering shares much of the same coursework.

I am also currently an Operations Manager at FedEx Ground where I have been employed since 2010 in various positions. My role is to manage over daily operations, give quality hands-on training, create a culture of safety and be the team leader that my employees need me to be. Engagement and Accountability are the two main factors that make me succesful as a manager and the experiences I have gained in this role have been life-changing.

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Current and Future NCSU Courseload of Interest

  1. E115
  2. ECE109
  3. ECE200
  4. ECE220

Inerested In Becoming Involved In

Organization Website
Aerial Robotics Link
All Music People Link