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    My name is Michael Benvenuto and I am a junior at North Carolina State University. I am a Agribusiness major with a cencentration in Biology. With this I plan to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sales because it is something I am truly passionate about and interested in. Originally, I felt that an engineering career path would best suite me but upon having jobs in the retail and sales field I discovered that I have a real skill for sales and interacting with customers. I also came to the realization that the medical field is a place where sales reaches new heights and there is always the potential for growth. Through college I have held different jobs aiming in the career path I would like to go and so far I have had a great deal of fun. I truly recommend searching for a career path that you enjoy as well as one that yields high benefits. For me, pharmaceutical sales holds those benefits. Having a job that you are not pssionate about will result in a long 9-5 day and thats the last thing someone wants to do every Monday through Friday. I hope my interest in sales as well as the medical field plays out in my favor in the future.
    CSC 200 has been a very interesting course thus far and has taught me a fair amount of unique skills pertaining to coding and HTML fundamentals. The first day of class I had no clue what I was walking into and the more I worked at it I was able to making coding techniques and sequences that I never thought possible. Throughout this course I hope to explore in greater depths the process of developing a website and making sure it runs flawlessly. I would also like to become skilled in the coding of these websites and making them user friendly. Throughout the course I have not particularly liked having to remember all of these coding techniques and formulas but the end result pays off through practice. I truly beleive that coding is something that can only be perfecting through copius amounts of practice and trial and error. I promise you that you will not perfect this process over night and thats okay. With time you can advance your skill set and learn new skills to help you further challenge yourself and make your work surpass where you once began.

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