My name is Michael Brews. I am a freshman in the biomedical engineering program here at NC State University. I chose my major because I have a very strong background in biology and engineering is alwasy something that I had an interest in. I also want to help diabetics with their testing procedures. As of right now, there is a basic means by which all Type 1 diabetics have to test themselves.

I don't have a favorite break, but I enjoy each a bit differently. I enjoy my winter break, because that means it's christmas time and I get to see my family. Spring break is a simple week for relaxation. My summer vacations are usually the times when I travel the most, because they are the longest break. I also spend my summers working, because I can accumulate a good amount of money by working for two and a half months.

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  1. Acquire honeywheat bread, chicken salad, honey mustard, and one whole tomato.
  2. Toast the honeywheat bread
  3. Slice the tomato, thickness to taste
  4. Place honey mustard on each piece of toasted honeywheat bread
  5. Put a desired amount of chicken salad on one piece of toast, then the tomatotes.
  6. Put the other piece of toast on top of the sandwitch and enjoy!
Formula Compound Name Class
H2O Water Oxide
NaCl Salt Salt
KCl Potassium Chloride Salt
LiCl Lithium Chloride Salt
RbCl Rubidium Chloride Salt
Christmas Tree Salt Shaker