Welcome to My Webpage!

My name is Madeline Bruce, but most people call me Maddie. I am a sophomore that just transferred to NC State this semester. I was an Industrial Design major before I transferred, but I am striving to become a Mechanical Engineer at the moment. I chose this major because Mechanical Engineers work with Industrial Designers and I am interested in how things work. My strengths have always included math, science, and creativity and I feel like Mechanical Engineering encompasses those three.

My favorite hobby is between painting and running. I enjoy the two at different times, obviously, but both tend to clear my mind and make me feel better. I ran a half marathon in November last year and really enjoyed training for it, even if it was a little rainy at times. Since it has been so cold this winter, I have had a hard time running outside but I hope to get back into training as the weather gets warmer. I enjoy painting but do not consider myself incredibly good at it- I just do it for fun in my sketchbook.

pin Favorite Paper.

How to Make a Cheese Pizza:

  1. Form the dough into a circular shape with fluffy crust
  2. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
  3. Spread pizza sauce on the crust
  4. Sprinkle cheese all over the areas covered in sauce
  5. Cook the pizza for 12 minutes
Class Expected Grade
English 101 A-
Spanish 331 A-
Calc III A