Welcome to My Life:

Hello! My name is Michael Cicconi. I am currently a freshman at NC State, and I plan on graduating in the spring of 2021. Right now, my intended major is Mechanical Engineering. However, I have also been considering Industrial Engineering. Both of these majors interest me because with a degree in these fields I will not only make a lot of money, but I will impact the world in a positive way.

This past summer, I worked at Skyline Swim Club as a certified lifeguard. As a lifeguard, I had to watch overe the patrons, take out trash, and clean the bathrooms. However, most of my time was spent getting a nice tan on the guard stand. This summer I hope to work as a lifeguard at Dewey Beach.

Photo of me at graduation
4 Most Interesting Classes
  1. Environmental Science
  2. Politicial Science
  3. E115
  4. Chemistry
Interesting Clubs
Name of Club Link to Website
Engineering Without Borders http://www.ewbncsu.org
Wolfpack Club http://wolfpackclub.com/