Welcome to McKenzie's Page!

My name is McKenzie Cook and I am a freshman here at NC State. I am intending to major in Chemical Engineering. I decided to major in Chemical Engineering, because I want to help cure diseases, and help create drugs that can help sick people get better. What led me to this reasoning, is because my uncle has ALS, and it interests me to help find a cure for ALS. I also really enjoyed math and chemistry in high school, so I thought putting two and two together, I'd try to be a Chemical Engineer!

My favorite hobby is crafting. I love to paint canvases and do many other DIY crafts. When I paint, I feel free and mellow. I always paint to ease my mind from stress and any other struggles I am dealing with. Although I am not Picasso, I paint because it's fun for me and it makes me relaxed.



  1. Get the ham, cheese, bread, and mustard out
  2. Put two pieces of ham on each slice of bread
  3. Put mustard on left slice, on top of ham pieces
  4. Then, put one slice of Provolone cheese on each slice
  5. After that, put mustard on top of right slice of cheese, ham, and bread
  6. Then, put slices together
  7. EAT


Class Predicted Grade
MA 141 A-
ENG 101 B+
CH 101 B+
E 101 A+