Welcome to my E115 Homework!

My name is Mitchell Adair. I am a freshman. My intended major is Computer Science. I chose this major because I enjoy programming, and do it in my free time. Computer Science also has a growing job market, with a lot of opportunities.

My favorite thing to do is play CounterStrike. CounterStrike is a competitive multiplayer shooter for the PC. I play for the school team which is part of the eSports club. CounterStrike is extremely fun, and takes a lot of skill which is why I love it.

My favorite website

Check out this cool paper I wrote!

How to order a BBQ Chicken Pizza

  1. Find on menu
  2. Order a BBQ Chicken Pizza
  3. Ask for no red onions. Be sure to say please.
  4. Say thank you
Course Expected Grade
MA241 A
CH101 C
USC101 A
My favorite hobby, CounterStrike