My college choices and experience so far

A Picture of Mickey

My name is Mickey Eovine, and I am currently a Freshman at NC State University For school, I am sutdying Aerospace Engineering. I chose Aerospace Engineering becuase I have always been interested in flight and spcae travel, and I figured aerospce fi the bill exactly. In terms of concentration, I tend to have more interest in the space travel and developement area than with typical aeronautics, however I am thouroughly interested in both feilds.

I am currently working a part time job as a park guide for a zipline park in Raleigh, and I really enjoy that. Before that, I was a soccer referee back in my hometown of Goldsboro, NC. Ideally, I would one day like work with SpaceX on their Mars Missions or with Lockheed Martic to design a more efficient type of space shuttle, that can fly into orbit from the surface of a planet, off of its own power.

Interesting Classes I am Taking

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