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Chillin' in Andros, Greece

Hello, My name is Megan Ann Frisbey. I am a sophomore at NCSU in Aerospace Engineering. There are several things that inspired me when choosing this degree. Ever since I was young I have wanted to be an astronaut. As I've gotten older my desire to travel space has only gotten stronger. Aerospace engineering is a perfect combination of mathematics and science that will aid me in achieving this goal. Hopefully when I retire it will be to the Moon or perhaps Mars.

I recently moved to this area and unfortunately did not experience Franklin Street last Halloween. My input on this subject therefore is limited. With most things if you are trying to draw people away from something you must offer something more worthwhile. I did not go to Franklin Street last Halloween because there was no parking available and no transportation. If NCSU took advantage of this opportunity and were more accommodating then I believe people would eventually start coming here instead.

I watch way more NFL than college but I would have to say these are my top five teams.

  1. Wyoming
  2. Texas A & M
  3. Notre Dame
  4. Air Force
  5. Albany

Spring 2009

MAE 206A-
PY 208NA+
ARE 201B+
GD 200C+

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