Howl You Doing?! This is Maria Garza.


Why I love NC STATE <3

Hi, this is Maria. I am a freshman in the First Year Engineering College at North Carolina State University. My intended major is Industrial and Systems Engineering. I am expected to graduate in 2020. I love NC State because of the success mindedness of the students and faculty members. Also, The campus is not only diverse but inclusive, matching my values of embracing change. I am impressed with the level of innovation and support provided to the students to become agents to make this world better and more efficient. The opportunities that State provides are priceless.

Why I love ISyE <3

I chose Industrial and Systems Engineering because of the flexibility of the major. With and Industrial and Systems Engineering degree I can work basically in any industry and any country. I want to have a broad skill set that will open doors for numerous career opportunities. As of right now, I would love to work with something that involves supply chain, but that might change since I have a long way until graduation. I love Industrial and Systems Engineering because of the big picture perspective that brings people together.

Skills and Qualities
Class Course Title Semester
ENG 101 Academic Writing Research 2017 Spring
FLF 202 Intermediate French II 2017 Spring
HESF 101 Fitness & Wellness 2017 Spring
PY 205 Physics Engeneering I 2017 Spring
PY 206 Physics Engeneering I Lab 2017 Spring