This website fulfills the requirements of Homework 6

My name is Gus Goldberg. I'm studying mechanical engineering. I'm currently a junior in my coursework. I'm studying mechanical engineering because I want to solve analytical problems that have tangible solutions.

My favorite hobby is board games. This weekend I'm hoping to play Space Alert. It's a cooperative board game about trying to work together to fly a spaceship. When you play it, usually everyone yells at each other for ten minutes and then at the end you find out if you died in space. It's stressful in a fun way.

Click the link below to go to my favorite website
Here is my resume. As you can see I am a real web development professional.
  1. Make dough
  2. Make sauce
  3. Put sauce, toppings, and cheese on dough
  4. Cook pizza
Class Grade
E115 P
MAE 301 A
MAE 314 C
Space Alert