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Hi, My name is Matthew Halsted. I am a freshman majoring in Industrial Engineering. I plan to graduate in 2019, unless I co-op, in which case I would graduate in 2020. I picked to major in industrial engineering, because they seem to be able to do anything. Additionally, the starting salary was high compared to many other fields of engineering.

I have several hobbies, but the one I have devoted the most time to is gymnastics. I have been doing gymnastics for 13 years. I have competed at the regional, state, and national level. It was a very large time commitment, I practiced for 20 hours a week. Now that I am at NC State, I am apart of the club gymnastics team.

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  1. Pick Up the Phone
  2. Call Pizza Hut
  3. Tell Them What Pizza I Want
  4. Pay For My Pizza
Class Grade
MA 242 B
MEA 100 A
EC 205 A