Welcome to Me

My name is Madison Huckabee. I am a freshman. I attend North Carolina State University. I am in the First Year Engineering Program. I would like to study Industrial Engineering.

I have grown up in Wrightsville Beach, NC and at seven years old I decided to start surfing. Surfing has become by favorite thing to do in my life. I love getting up super early to go surfing. I enjoy it so much that I can not imagine giving it up. Living in Raleigh has made it hard to surf, but when I go home,s I go surfing as much as possible.

Surf Report Resume

  1. Call Dominos
  2. Order Hand Tossed
  3. With Cheese
  4. With Sauces
  5. With Pepperonis
Class Grade
CH 101 B
MA 141 A
E 101 A