My name is Michael Iasiello. I am a freshman here at NC State, and I am in first year engineering. I chose engineering because I like to solve problems and I want to do it in a way that helps others. I plan on CODAing into Biomedical engineering because I have an interest in medicine. If I do not get accepted there, I will CODA into mechanical or aerospace engineering.

My favorite hobby is playing sports. I love all and any sports, and I am always up for trying new ones. In the past year, I have picked up disk golf, ultimate Frisbee, golf, rugby, tennis and racquetball and I love spending time playing them all. My most favorite sports hobbies include the ones outside, just because I love the outdoors. If I had to pick one, I would probably say football just because everyone can pick up and play a game of touch football.

I have some experience in creating websites using HTML. I have full access to change and update this domain.

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