The Heist is real...

My name is Mahmoud Khader. I am a transfer sophomore. I am studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. I chose those majors because of my fascination with cars and planes. I am interested in working with aerodynamic systems and clean fuel alternatives.

My favorite break was spent in Amman, Jordan during the summer of 2010. I enjoyed the break most because I met most of my family. I also got the visit the underground city of Petra, a city carved from the mountain. I also got to observe the holy month of Ramadan there as well. It was a very educational trip, as well as relaxing and exciting.

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  1. Prepare Ingredients
  2. Make dough, and allow to rise.
  3. Add sauce, cheese, and other condiments.
  4. Bake and serve.

Class Grade
MA 241 A
CSC 112 A
PY 205 A

City of Petra