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My name is Mason Kilbourne and I am a sophomore at NC State. I am currently in the First Year Engineering(FYE) program. Next semester I hope to CODA into the Civil Engineering program. I chose this major because I like hands on work and to be able to see my finished product. Also Civil Engineering will always be in high demand and I think that I will enjoy that type of work.

Dogs are my favorite animal because dogs are man's best friend. Specifically, golden retrievers are my favorite breed of dog and in my opinion the best breed of dogs. Dogs are the best pet you can get not only for friendship but also for security. When I finish college I will definitely get a dog. My family just got a golden retriever puppy 2 months ago named Leah.
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How to Order a Pizza

Class Name Expected Grade
MA 241 C
PY 206 B
GC 120 A
CSC 112 B
E 115 Pass
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