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Hello my name is Margaret Lawrimore and I am a sophomore majoring in Environmental Science at North Carolina State University. I chose environmental science as my major because I believe that nature is a beautiful part of Earth that should be respected. I am particularly interested in humans impact on the environment and Environmental Science focuses on the interaction between humans and the environment.

I am currently a resident advisor in Syme Residence Hall. My responsibilities include interacting with residents and ensuring that the rules of the hall are upheld. I am also tasked with creating programs, both academic and social, within the hall to help residents feel connected to each other and to NC State.

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My Favorite Things

  1. ES 200: Climate Change and Sustainability
  2. MUS 207: Class Piano II
  3. CSC 116: Introduction to Computing- Java
  4. BIO 183: Introductory Biology: Cellular and Molecular Biology

Club Learn More At:
WolfPack Environmental Student Association WESA
Climate Reality Project Climate