Welcome to my Webpage!

My name is Mary Leonard, I am a freshman currently in the major of Textile Engineering. I am currently debating switching out of this major into another textiles major: Product Development. The more I learn about these two different majors, the more I realize that I would rather work from a product development standpoint of actually constructing and designing garments for companies such as The North Face and Nike than just making fibres and more intermediate products that don't reach the consumer on their own. I initially chose Textile Engineering because I've always had an interest in Engineering, and a recent interest in Textiles. I was going to pursue the Chemical Processing concentration.

My favorite hobby would have to be playing video games. I mostly play them on my laptop through a client called Steam. I recently got an XBox 360 for Christmas, so I've been amassing games on that platform as well. I mostly prefer to play the campaign of games over the online matches, although I really enjoy playing Team Fortress 2. My favorite games to play on Steam would be the Saint's Row franchise, while I prefer Skyrim on my XBox. Games with co-op campaigns, like Halo, are the best to play with friends.

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How to Make My Favorite Sandwich
  1. Get plain white bread
  2. Add Nutella
  3. Add Banana Slices
  4. Add Strawberry Slices
  5. Enjoy Sandwich
Class Expected Grade
Chem201 B+
Chem202 A+
E115 S
ENG101 A-
E101 A
T101 A+
MA141 C+
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