Welcome to the land of E115


My name is Michael Londa, and I am a freshmen currently in the First Year College. I plan to matriculate into Mechanical Engineering next semester. I have chosen this because it is useful in many different fields. Because of ROTC, I will not necessarily need my degree right after graduation. A military officer with any sort of engineering degree is a highly sought after employee.

My favorite hobby is basketball. I love physical activity and competition, both of which basketball entertains. Whether it's playing competitvely or just shooting around, basketball always excites. PSA: College ball is better than the proffessionals.


    How to make a PB&J
  1. Obtain two slices of bread, a knife, peanut butter and jelly.
  2. Put jelly on one piece of wheat bread.
  3. Put peanut butter on the other
  4. Put the bread together.
  5. Enjoy!
Class Grade
MA 241 A
PY 205 B
USC 102 A+