Resume of Marcus Peters

Professional Marcus

Education and Where I Am At

I am currently studying Pulp and Paper Science, which is in both the College of Engineering and College of Natural Resources. The university with which I am at is NCSU. My intended graduation date is 2020.

Future Plans

The paper industry is, quite frankly, one of the most important fields. However, very few people know about this as a degree program or its worth. Many people take paper for granted, and I have always wanted to get a degree that can impact people's lives on a daily basis. Long-term goals include getting co-op positions before graduating to a job within a pulp and paper mill, where I hope to make an impression very soon. Whether it is impacting society, or just reducing cost on the production side, I would like to make a significant contribution within an applied chemical engineering platform.

Pertinent Skills

Class Course Tite Semester
PSE 211 Pulp & Paper Internship Fall 2018
PSE 212 Paper Properties Fall 2017
PSE 472 Paper Process Analysis Spring 2020