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Hello, my name is Madison Railton and I am currently a Freshman at North Carolina State University. During my time here at NCSU I hope to double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering because I believe I will enjoy the work that will be involved in these majors. I chose these major because from a young age I was exposed to computers as my mother works in cyber security and always encouraged me to learn more about computers. Another bonus about choosing a career in these fields is that finding a job will always be easy as computers are going to play a key role in further developing our future.

In High School I actually worked three jobs, and while I didn't work all three at once I did work at least two at once which at times was very difficult. My first job I had was at DSW, the designer shoe warehouse, and I worked here a whole year and hated almost every minute of it as the people were kinda mean and the work was insanely boring. My next job however was at a movie theater and I loved it, the work my have been hard but the people there were amazing and I am still friends with some of the people I meet there. So at the time I was working at both the shoe store and movie theater but after awhile I decided I just wanted to work at the movie theater so I quit at DSW. My final job was at Hickory Tavern, a bar, where I was a waitress and made pretty good money on top of what I was making at the movie theater. However, once school started I had to quit both jobs because I didn't think I could balance all the hours and make the drive down everyday.

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Most Interesting Classes of 2017:

  1. E101
  2. STS 302H
  3. CH 102
  4. USP 110

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