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Education Information

I am currently studying at North Carolina State Universirt, and I intend to major in Mechanical Engineering. I expect to graduate in December of 2019.

Career Goals

I intend to choose Mechnical Engineering as my major as it is a very broad degree. I feel as though it is a good thing for me to have a lot of options with my career in Engineering, as I am not quite sure as of now what I would like to do with my degree. For now, though, I will focus on my schoolwork and eventually finding an internship or co-op job that I find suitable for myself. That way I can explore the field of Mechanical Engineering and figure out what interests me the most before I graduate.

Degree-relevant Skills and Qualities

Degree-relevant Courses

Class Course Title Semester
GC 120 Foundations of Graphics Spring 2017
MA 341 Applied Differential Equations I Spring 2017
PY 205 Physics for Engineers and Scientists I Spring 2017