Welcome to About Me!

My name is Marissa Scaramuzzo. I am a freshman. My intended major is Computer Science. I choose this major because I have always been interested in computers. The two factors that sold made me decide on Computer Science out of all the computer related majors are: job shadowing a project manager a web design company for my senior project and attending an Computer Science camp at NC State.

My favourite hobby would probably be running. In high school I was on the cross country team, the indoor track team, and the track team. Cross country was easily my favourite out of all the sports. Running in circles in track and indoor track could get boring. While I definitely have a love-hate relationship with running, when I run with friends it is much more enjoyable.

picture of the Pandora logo They have everything!
  1. open can of tuna fish
  2. make tuna fish
  3. toast two pieces of bread
  4. put desired amount of tuna on one slice bread
  5. put one slice of bread on the other slice
  6. cut sandwich in half
Classes Expected Grades
E 101 B
HESS 243 S
MA 141 A
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