Welcome to my Homework!

My name is Maeve Sedivy. I am a freshman and NCSU. I am in First Year Engineering and I am interested in mechanical engineering. I want to be in the mechanical engineering program because I am not sure of what I want to do, but I am interested in the way things work. I feel like mechanical engineering will give me a wide range of options for future careers once I discover what I want to do.

My favorite hobby is running. I enjoy running around campus. It helps me with stress and taking a break from the day. I ran on my high school's track and cross country teams. I want to continue running through out college.
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How to order a pizza

  1. Look online for pizza place number
  2. Dial number on phone
  3. Tell them what pizza you want
  4. Wait for delivery man and pay him
Expected Class Grades
Class Grade
Chemistry A
Calculus B
Engineering A