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Hola, my name is Alex. Everything official uses my first name, Michael, but that's chill. I'm a freshman with a Biomedical Engineering intent. The reason for that is that I know I'm decent and math and problem solving (hence engineering) but I also love biology. I want to be able to use this degree to possibly move on to graduate school and also establish a career in some sort of biomanufacturing of artificial tissues.

If I had to narrow it down to one thing, I guess my favorite hobby's soccer. I don't play it that much anymore because...college. However, I did get involved with Intramural soccer. I was originally going to join a decent team and have an enjoyable season, but instead I decided to make a team with my suite and they're all really bad, so that's good. Still, soccer's fun.

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Here's my resume
  1. Go to a pizza website
  2. Choose a pizza that you would like to eat
  3. Wait for pizza guy
  4. Pay pizza guy

Class Expected Grade
Chemistry A
Calculus 1 B
Philosophy of Science A

soccer ball