Welcome to NCSU, home of the Wolfpack!

Hello, my name is Matthew Smith. I am attending NC State University. I will be an upcoming freshman, and my major is currently Engineering: Undeclared Intent. I chose my major because I am very interested in how things function, and my favorite subjects in school are Math and Science. I am not sure what discipline in the Engineering field I wish to go into; however, I have thought about going into Biomedical.

My favorite hobby is probably to play soccer. I only played my senior year in high school. However, I immediately fell in love with the sport upon joining the team. Knocking around the ball allows me to clear my head and focus. It is a bit of a stress reliever for me.

Dogs are a ton better than cats. Not much to really elaborate on there. However, I am going to try to in order to meet the sentence number requirement for this assignment. Dogs are fun, cats are not. Oh look, this is my last sentence.

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This is a link to one of my favorite papers.

Gareth Bale is a boss
E 115 MA 141 Com 110
Pass B A-